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I will be offering marketing TIPS, TOOLS and QUOTES to prepare you to reach

that awesome goal - Top of the Search Engines.

This day and age email blasting has had it's day. It is all about Search Engines.

For many of us that looks like the top of Mount Everest. Now why should we

be interested in going there? Because that is where it is happening. Matter of

fact that is where the $ is. For most of us that is the main attraction for being

involved in working our business on the Internet. A greater and greater group

of businesses have learned that if they are going to make it in traditional or

network marketing business, the Internet is going to be involved and that more

and more successful people are using the Internet in part or in whole to "make

it happen". However, there are so many out there who just do not know how

to Begin to Begin to get started in an area which seems foreign to many.


There are some tools out there which cut through all the confusion and give

you a "leg up" to get Your name OUT THERE! In fact BRANDING your

name is what it is called. They need to know who you are, what you are

all about and where you are headed so that they can decide if they want

to go With you. You no longer need to be an unknown, someone who is

hoping to catch up with the group sometime. Yes you too can find ypur

own Time, and Financial Freedom like all the others. You too can find \

time to do what you want to do and with whom you want to do it.


You are going to need a System that is simple enough that others can dup-

licate it. There must be a track for you and those who follow you to run

on, methods and systems simple enough for the New Marketer to copy and

employ. It is recommended that you find others in a similar business who

work from home- Yes a Home Based Business.

Here is a tool which will be very effective in getting your name to the top

of the search engines--Qalias will get your name on Page1 of Google.

Check out . Only $9.95 a month.

Whereas operating a business out of your home used to be suspect - today

network marketing can be done effectively and with less expense, plus tax

tax benefits and is being taught in some of the higher universities. It is

suggested your endeavor to find those who are successful and are willing

to lend a hand to the newbies and yes, bind a mentor to guide and advise,

that i to say "show you the ropes". Business on line is quite different

from a traditional business, so be a sponge and cooperate and endeavor

to give some assets you may have to the group.


To succeed in todays market it will take hard work and persisitance. It

will take turning off the TV, listening to good books, business tapes, CD's,

etc. Set goals and keep them up in front of you until you have accomplish-

ed your goasl. The fun and game will all be ther later and you will have

time and money to enjoy them LATER.


It is wise to get acquainted with the people you meet in Social Groups,

chat rooms, organizations and find out Who they are and primarily what

makes them tick. They need to know that you care about them and where

they are headed and then you will be in a position to promote what you

what you have to help them. They must never fee you interest is just to

make a sale.

I have been fortunate to have run across a company which promotes the

principles referred to above. For those of you interested in the environ-

ment you might check out what I am doing at:
Dorothy Lanman

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